Angela Maiers: Maiers Ed Services Inc / @AngelaMaiers

  • “Jeff is an experienced and gifted communicator who generously shares his gifts with the education community through his podcast channel and site, TeacherCast.  Jeff is always positive, encouraging, and vibrant in his interactions with others making them feel at ease on the air and in person. I’d highly recommend Jeff’s podcast to anyone who is passionate about education, leadership and digital communication.”

Jerry Blumengarten: Educational Consultant and Writer / @cybraryman1

  • Jeff Bradbury strives to increase the knowledge of students, teachers, administrators and parents through his outstanding TeacherCast platform.  He has connected with educational leaders and enabled their voices to be heard by all.  Jeff is a tireless educator who I have had the privilege of working with and I highly recommend him.

Tom Whitby: Contributing Editor SmartBlog on Education from SmartBrief  / @tomwhitby

  • TeacherCast under the leadership of Jeff Bradbury strives tirelessly to inform and connect educators with sources in education for the purpose of both improvement and reform.

Shira Leibowitz: Lower School Principal, Schechter Westchester / @ShiraLeibowitz

  • Jeff Bradbury has created a resource for educators of truly remarkable value. From blogs, to podcasts, to learning videos, to screencasts, to app reviews, to professional learning resources, TeacherCast has it all. Jeff Bradbury has created more than a web page; he’s created a community of educators serious about professional learning. I’ve been privileged to learn from TeacherCast resources and to learn with Jeff Bradbury face to face at sessions he’s offered at ISTE and Edcamp. He’s even graciously provided me with private tutorials via Google Plus hangouts when I’ve struggled with some question concerning educational technology integration. Jeff Bradbury is a talented teacher of teachers and educational leaders. As good as TeacherCast is, it keeps getting better as Jeff Bradbury keeps closely attuned to the educational field and continues to extend the offerings TeacherCast provides to better meet the needs of educators.

Mike Lee: Co-founder and CEO of EdShelf / @mikeleeorg

  • Jeff is a true pioneer in the field of education technology. He works tirelessly to help both educators and entrepreneurs – and I mean that literally, as I often see emails from him at 3am. It’s hard to believe TeacherCast is the product of one person. It is amazingly comprehensive, an A to Z of edtech. I expect to see Jeff’s face next to “edtech” in the dictionary one day.

Salome Thomas-EL: School Leader/Speaker / @Principal_EL

  • I have worked with Jeff and TeacherCast for almost two years and it has been a pleasure! He is professional, dedicated and an asset to our profession! The positive messages about teaching and learning he communicates to the world through video are the key to reforming education!

Jessica Johnson: Elementary Principal, Dodgeland School District / @PrincipalJ

  • Jeff has been my go-to resource for finding any type of tecnology resource for education. I have listened to every podcast from TeacherCast to continue to learn and find resources to share with my teachers.  Our entire school has benefited from the endless resources at his TeacherCast website.  In addition, I have grown professionally due to the experiences I have gained from podcasting with Jeff and being a guest blogger for TeacherCast.

Kay Lindenberg: Associate, L. Wolfe Communications / @kaystweeting

  • Jeff is truly a unique actor within the education media: a music educator and podcaster with a passion for providing valuable professional development through his many outlets including TeacherCast podcasts, Udemy courses, and more.  His enthusiasm for all things related to education is infectious!  He is dedicated to informing his audience about what is new, why it is cool, and how they can use it.  He is a pleasure to work with and always goes the extra mile for both his listeners and the people he is interviewing.

Shelly Terrell: Teacher Trainer, Author, International Speaker / @ShellTerrell

  • Jeff Bradbury is a great leader, teacher trainer, and resource-sharer. The TeacherCast website and community continues to be one of the best Edtech resources I have come across. Jeff’s leadership, vision, and design have helped the site become an incredible training resources for teachers who are either starting their journey teaching with technology or who have been integrating technology for years. TeacherCast continues to be an incredible professional development resource for educators and is an outstanding example of what quality professional development should be.

Don Goble: Broadcast Technology, Film & Multimedia Instructor at Ladue Horton Watkins High School, St. Louis, MO / @dgoble2001

  • Jeff Bradbury has created a one-of-a-kind unique experience for educators all over the globe. Jeff’s tireless efforts to connect educators to the needs of students is immeasurable. Jeff truly understands the way to leverage technology and it’s meaning to our 21st Century Learners. I’m honored to be connected to Jeff and have a small part in the TeacherCast mission.

Tom Whitford: Principal/ Iowa-Grant School District / @twhitford

  • Jeff & the TeacherCast website has been an incredible blessing for me.  It has an incredible array of resources available that I find myself checking in there several times a week (sometimes 3-4 times/day).  From podcasts, to blogs to great discussions with Jeff and the array of educators he networks with, I can always find the latest information and discussions that are the buzz.  TeacherCast is the place to go for connecting with the best in Education. Love the iPad app too!!!

John Fritzky: 5th Grade Teacher / @JohnFritzky

  • Jeff Bradbury has done an amazing job finding talent not only from across the state of New Jersey, but across the country.  He has then organized it in such a way that allows educators to improve their craft because they thing he values above all else is learning.  I feel lucky to have met Jeff and grateful for his work.

Lawrence Reiff: English Language Arts Teacher @ Roslyn High School / @mrreiff

  • Teachercast is a valuable tool for connecting me the latest in the world of EdTech.  The connections I’ve made with other teacher through TeacherCast have become valuable members of my PLN. My day doesn’t start until I’ve checked Twitter to see what TeacherCast has to say.

Jay EItner: School Administrator / @PrincipalEit

  • What’s not to love about TeacherCast?  It has everything and anything for those in education. From how-to’s to in-depth blogs and podcasts, TeacherCast is a one-stop-stop for any educational needs.

Thad Haines: Public 6-12 Administrator/Assistant Principal/Jackson City Schools / @thadhaines

  • Jeff Bradbury, through TeacherCast, continually strives to spotlight education and educators to give them the recognition that they deserve. Through TeacherCast (and the associated sites, blogs, podcasts), he shares best practices, tips, app reviews, and all things that can help his fellow educators to improve. The passion he exhibits for education, educators, and students is both humbling and inspiring. He invests time with everyone, from people his just met digitally, to ones he has developed face to face personal relationships.  He is truly a shining example of what is great about education!

Rebecca Penina Simon: Classroom Teacher/Bais Yaakov School for Girls / @edtechmorah

  • Under the guidance of Jeff Bradbury, TeacherCast is a vast collection of great educational resources.  Teachers can visit the website – which is very easy to navigate – and choose a tool to learn about.  Jeff’s hard work and dedication is apparent as TeacherCast is looked at as great resource to help educators all across the globe.  A great source of professional development that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Jarret Sharp: Education Leader / @PrincipalSharp

  • Mr Bradbury/TeacherCast provides innovative & applicable information in differentiated formats for educational practitioners at all levels. Passion drives relevance, and the quality of the product shines through.

Andrew Bender: CEO of instaGrok / @andrewbender

  • “Jeff has a lively, fast-paced interview style and keeps the conversation rolling.  He was also generous with feedback when I shared the direction we’re taking our company. We love what he’s doing with TeacherCast; it’s a fantastic resource for educators as they incorporate technology into their classroom.”

Sam Patterson M.F.A. Ed.D: Dean of Advising and Outreach/ Kehillah Jewish high School / @learningsliving

  • Connecting with Jeffery Bradbury and Teachercast put me on the fasttrack to best digital practices.  Not only does the Teachercast Website house an amazing wealth of resources, the community has helped me be more confident in my tech integration.  With the Teachercast community I was able to launch #PATUE a weekly ed tech conference series.

Toby Price: Assistant Principal / @jedipadmaster

  • Jeff has taken the wealth of resources on the net and made it applicable for all educators. Teachercast.net and the Teachercast app are two of the most fluid and easy to use tools for teachers.

Wanda McClure: Edcamp Atlanta / @WandaMcClure @EdCampATL

  • Jeff (TeacherCast) truly embodies the word innovate. Through the use of technology, we were able to brainstorm with Jeff for our first EdCamp Atlanta event where his input was invaluable to our success.

Zak Malamed: Founder of Student Voice / @ZakMal

  • Jeff does a fantastic job of bringing together the education community through TeacherCast. Too often we focus on writing blogs, op/eds, tweeting, and all things written and digital that we forget the importance of spoken dialogue. While his podcast provides individuals with a platform to be heard, it also provides them with the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their own work through conversations with Jeff. He dedicates his time to TeacherCast with passion and love. Infusing those two qualities into his work makes Jeff a pleasure to work with.

Ian Adair: Executive Director, The Martinez Foundation / @ianmadair

  • TeacherCast.net is one of the most comprehensive professional development sites for educators out there today. Jeff Bradbury has created a dynamic media network that gives all teachers a place to go to learn about technology and the latest topics in education. Two areas of the TeacherCast community I personally enjoy the most include the TeacherCast podcast and the app reviews. Both of these components are ones I consistently recommend to colleagues in the education and new teaching professionals affiliated with The Martinez Foundation. Professional development is changing in our sector (for the better) allowing teachers to be more proactive and TeacherCast.net under the direction of Jeff Bradbury is leading the way.