Thank you for considering an appearance on the TeacherCast Podcast. Our show provides a great way for businesses, app developers, and educators to showcase the great ways they are inspiring students.

Our video shows and broadcasts are encouraged and intended for our guests to use/embed on their blogs/websites as a way of showcasing their educational services to their audience and user base.

How does the show work?

  • TeacherCast offers several methods of promotion for your brand. We record our video shows through with SKYPE or Google Hangout and the general format of the show is more conversational rather than interview.

What is the purpose of our show?

  • The TeacherCast Podcast is an educational media platform designed to provide promotions/advertisements to a person or company. Our show is available for our guests to be downloaded/embedded, or linked to for their advertising and promotional uses. TeacherCast will make available banner graphics for the guests “As Seen On” or media page.

How is the TeacherCast Broadcast structured?

  • The typical show is between 15-20 minutes
    • 5-7 Minutes – Intro and Welcome/Introduction of Guests
    • 10 Minutes – Video Demonstration of Website or App
    • 5-7 Minutes – Recap of Contact information and Closing

What is asked for from our guests prior to the recording date?

  • Photos of everyone appearing on the show
  • Bios of guests written in 3rd person (feel free to plug your various social sites)
  • Email address for each guest. (I will send the link to the video chat 30 min before the show to their emails)
  • Company profile or “about” paragraphs”
  • Company Logos (both rectangle and/or square)
  • Links to any social media channels or important places
  • YouTube Videos that might be helpful as commercials or tutorial
  • Bullet Points that can be turned into questions to help promote the brand

What equipment is needed to ensure a premium quality show?

  • Guests are encouraged to test out their internet connection and SKYPE/Google Hangout programs ahead of the show to ensure that all machines have the needed drivers and plugins needed for the video/audio connection
  • Guests are encouraged to have a microphone and headset/earbuds to ensure that audio bleeding or echo’s are minimal.
  • All shows with multiple guests are encourage to have one computer per person, even if they are in the same room during the recording.
  • A strong light source from behind the camera on the guest is also recommended. Backlight causes shadows and darkens out the guest on camera.

Where is the best location to record a video show?

  • When recording video, it is best to be in a room with bright lighting to avoid shadows and a dark subjects.
  • Sitting in front of a light, source or an open sunny window is also not recommended as it will make the subject very dark and create a poor quality recording.

How is the TeacherCast Podcast distributed?

Thanks and I look forward to recording with you.

Jeff Bradbury