About the TeacherCast Guest Blog

Hello, Thank you for your interest in being a TeacherCast guest blogger.  Here are some guidelines for submitting your blog post to TeacherCast.

  • Please fill out our Contact form and share with us a little bit about yourself.
  • When submitting your post, please use a clear and concise blog title. All blog titles must end with the phrase “By @YourTwitter.  If needed, TeacherCast will help you craft a great title for your post.
  • Along with your blog, please include a short bio (in third person) about yourself to be included in your author profile.
  • Please share your blog post with us either by a Word Doc or Google Doc (please do not send PDF’s) Please feel free to format the blog how you wish to. All YouTube videos must be accompanied by their URL address.  Please send all graphics as attachments.
  • Please preview and reread your post for spelling and grammar.
  • We will review the post and include it on the TeacherCast website and on our app. All posts are subject to approval based on topic and how it fits into the TeacherCast website.
  • Please include your full name and twitter address with each blog as we will use this information to promote the blog posts.

Thank you for joining the TeacherCast family.Jeff Bradbury

Guest Blog Guidelines

In order to create and maintain a great educational resource free and open to the world, all guest contributions must agree to and abide by these simple rules.

  • TeacherCast owns all of the content that has been submitted by authors and once posted, authors can not request for it to be removed.
  • Authors do not have permission to repost the content elsewhere
  • TeacherCast reserves the right to remove any and all links from submitted content to preserve the educational value to the content.
  • TeacherCast reserves the right to edit and delete any unwanted words, sentences, paragraphs that do not meet the needs of my audience.
  • Authors must share in the TeacherCast community (i.e: Please monitor the posts and interact with anyone leaving a comment)
  • Everything must be original
  • Graphics must be sent to TeacherCast as attachments in an email for resizing and reformatting for optimizing.
  • Please send a short bio (3rd person) and any social links for your author profile.