How does the TeacherCast Broadcasting Booth work?

TeacherCast will provide live video broadcasting, audio podcasting and a variety of other options in a format that can be seen and heard by educators worldwide.  Traditionally, our broadcasting station is set up in a high traffic area of your event.  We will come up with a schedule to video stream your important events as well as create a live “radio broadcast” that can be streamed on your website.  We will also create live content featuring your members and featured speakers as guests on the podcast.

What is typically needed for such an event?

Our general setup requires a 15×15 foot space and one or two long tables for our broadcasting booth.  We also request the use of electricity and internet access.  We will work with you in advance to setup your group’s website with the proper information needed to stream the event and work with you to promote it on your social media channels.

What preparations are needed?

The TeacherCast Broadcasting Booth is a fully functional recording station capable of streaming both audio and video onto todays popular video streaming services.  Prior to the event, a schedule is constructed to ensure honored guests, presenters, and keynote speakers take part in the broadcast.  Conferences generally provide a some background on the guest for conversation topics.  To fully prepare for a co-branded broadcast we request conference logos and other branded markings be sent to us so we may prepare proper on screen markings such as logo bugs and lower thirds.  All of our broadcasts will be fully co-branded and will revolve around your groups particular hashtag.  In addition, a special URL will be created to help cobrand the broadcast. Example:

What happens during the conference or event?

The TeacherCast Broadcasting Booth an extension of your conferences media.  As we interview your guests, your social media coordinators and web team can be right there in the action taking photos, and getting quotes for Twitter.

Our Broadcasts are created uniquely for each particular conference.  With a fully scheduled guest list, there is never a dull moment on the show.  All of our broadcasts will be recorded by TeacherCast for archival purposes and will also be streamed over TeacherCast.  In addition, we can provide your group with our video embed code to stream on the official conference website.

In between guests, we fill the time with general discussions and/or pre-recorded material.

How are the broadcasts promoted?

For optimal effect, it is best for the conference to promote the fact that TeacherCast will be broadcasting live to a global audience.  Often, conferences will create a broadcasting schedule page with the help of TeacherCast to promote the streaming of various events such as keynotes or presentations.  This guest list can be posted on the conference website, printed in the conference bulletin, and emailed to organization membership.  Of course, the best place to promote your conferences events are through the various social media outlets using uniquely branded hashtags and markings.

What happens after the event?

After your event, you are able to embed the video and audio from the event and use them for your own promotions. All of our broadcasts and professional development sessions will be recorded and edited for you.  Digital copies of this media will also be made available if requested.

What Options are Available?

  • Multi video Broadcasting of your event
  • Live Radio Podcasting/Broadcasting from your event
  • Bring your featured guests/speakers onto the broadcast
  • Brand all shows with your logos and apparel
  • On Site TeacherCast Professional Development classes available upon request
  • Event Branding on all audio and video streams
  • The Sky’s the limit!

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