TeacherCast History

Launched in July 2011 with the dream to educate students and teachers in his school district, Jeff Bradbury (New Jersey) has evolved the concept of “A Place For Teachers To Help Other Teachers” into the premiere TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network.

Supporting multiple Podcasts, Live Broadcasts, Online Courses, weekly Webinars, Blogs, and a public speaking career, Jeff Bradbury and TeacherCast has consistently been a one top educational resources over the last 6 years.

Belief Statement
Belief Statement

We Believe:

  • Not all technology is created equally: We are dedicated to helping teachers find the right piece of technology for THEIR particular situation. What works for one teacher, might not work for another.

  • Knowledge is meant to be shared: TeacherCast truly is a “Place for Teachers to Help other Teachers.” If you are interested in sharing your favorite apps, or methods for helping students, TeacherCast is the place for you to share it. We have a very robust audio/video and blogging network that strives to be the one stop shop for educators to learn from each other.

  • All Educators are capable of learning and teaching each other: I’m sure you have heard “If I can do it… You Can do it” This is one of the founding principals of TeacherCast. Anyone can teach a good lesson…. Anyone can learn how to help others.

Shows Currently In Production

  • TeacherCast Podcast
  • TeacherCast App Spotlight
  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Spotlight Series (Official Microsoft EDU Podcast)
  • Tech Educator Podcast
  • Educational Podcasting Today
  • GET Help Training!
  • Jersey Educator Podcast (NJ Teachers Union Official Show)
  • MorgansFund Podcast (To Benefit Premature Babies born with NEC difficulties)
  • Pebbles of Hope (To Benefit Premature Babies)
  • Beyond the Hour of Code

Global Recognitions

  • Google Certified Teacher
  • Google Certified Innovator
  • Google Certified Trainer
  • Microsoft Innovative Educator
  • PBS Learning Media Digital Innovator
  • ASCD Emerging Leader
  • Bammy Awards Nominated: Innovator of the year (3 years)
  • Bammy Awards: Top 50 in Social Media
  • EdTech.com: 2015 Must Read K-12 Educational Blogs

TeacherCast.net is a dynamic Educational Media Network offering great opportunities for educators, app developers and businesses to work together

Taking Educational Broadcasting . . . One Step Farther

TeacherCast Live Broadcasting Booth

The TeacherCast Educational Mobile Broadcasting Studio is an experience unlike any in education today.  Created in 2012, Jeff Bradbury has designed a unique mobile solution where both live broadcasting, and hands on learning happen,  Jeff has educated tens of thousands of educators at conferences such as ISTE, CUE Rockstar, and the New Jersey Educators Association Convention.

TeacherCast will provide live video broadcasting, audio podcasting and a variety of other options in a format that can be seen and heard by educators worldwide.  Traditionally, our broadcasting station is set up in a high traffic area of your event.  We will come up with a schedule to video stream your important events as well as create a live “radio broadcast” that can be streamed on your website.  We will also create live content featuring your members and featured speakers as guests on the podcast.


The TeacherCast Broadcasting Studio

Launching in 2016, the new TeacherCast studios was created from the ground up as a place not only to create live media productions, but as a virtual classroom to the world.  Featuring two individual broadcasting stations, multiple  learning stations and more, the new TeacherCast Studios is poised to be the premiere educational broadcasting studio worldwide.

Partner with TeacherCast Today

TeacherCast also offers a fully customizable sponsorship program to fit your needs. Whether you are looking to have your app or web tool reviewed, or feature your business on our podcast, TeacherCast can help put you on the educational map.

The TeacherCast Network features:

  • Top Educational Professionals appearing regularly on our podcasts and educational newspaper/magazine.
  • A combined twitter following of more than 300,000 followers.p  _Let’s recast this as the social reach of your networks, maybe including triberrs
  • Four distinctly different audio podcasts syndicated and listened to on over 350 million mobile devices to advertise on
  • A Learning Management System composed of Online Courses, Audio Podcasts, Educational Screencasts and much more.